February is National Bird Feeding Month! One of the first things I like to do when I move is set up my bird table for feeding birds. It’s nothing fancy, and I knocked it up myself. All you need are two planks of wood, and a set up resembling a T shape. I like putting out scraps and seeds for the birds on top of the plank. Sometimes when I have coconuts, I make sure to tie them to the plank and watch the birds fly around the table, pecking at the coconuts to eat the white flesh. Little tits and sparrows use the coconut halves as swings, and it’s quite a treat to watch.

I think everyone with a scrap of garden deserves a bird table (that’s right; you’re doing yourself a favor). But not everything is good for birds. You need to know what food to feed birds. Stop feeding them bread and products similar to bread, such as bagels, biscuits, crackers etc. Yes, even the ducks. Bread and bread-like products make them sick, and it simply isn’t worth it. You may think you’re doing the right thing, but in fact, you’re harming them.

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