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People are infinitely strange. For every nice person I meet I seem to end up accidentally running into or talking to quite a few that are not worthy of attention. I have come to the conclusion that I am grateful […]

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Laughter, Needed

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Dr. Who fan. We’ve been waiting on the results of the biopsy, so I’m a bit stressed and not really amused at very much, not even the antics of the cats. So […]

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I Run Alone

My boyfriend and I went for a run yesterday. I don’t know; I keep telling him I hate running with him, or exercising with him in any fashion. I know it’s a way for a lot of couples to connect, […]

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I Don’t Need To Be Rescued…

…but it’s nice sometimes. My boyfriend reacted with anger today at something someone said to me. I’ve rarely seen him angry, but this was one of the rare moments. Without thinking about it, he rose to my defence. I didn’t […]

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Social Media – Etiquette for Individuals and Businesses

Etiquette isn’t as complicated as you might think. A is polite; A is interested in what you have to say; A is responsive. A makes you feel like you’ve contributed something to their day. B ignores everything you tell them; […]

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Social Media – Actually, it’s not about the numbers.

Social Media -

As you all know, I am a huge fan of social media and networking via the internet. I think it’s a vital and necessary tool for everyone who wants to increase their network and connections, which at the end of […]

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Settle down, your life is over.

  I find that I’m unusually contented with my lot lately. It’s not rare for me to go through periods of contentment where I am happy to go through my day doing my work, and living my quiet life. But […]

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Love (Excerpt from a private letter to a friend)

Like you, I firmly believe that fantasy must lie in reality. The weaving of an extraordinary tale in an extraordinary world must take its cue from the everyday lives and trials of the souls that inhabit this one. Even though characters in fantasy […]

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