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‘First World Problems’

I have a number of friends who use that phrase, fairly often, and it never ceases to make me roll my eyes. When the concept of the three different worlds originated, the Cold War was at its height. The first […]

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Summer 2012

Oh, I detest the summer. One walks around in as little as decently possible while trying to move as little as possible. As the days have been getting hotter and hotter my dreams of escaping this horrible tropical hell and […]

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Name Your Source!

It’s time, dear readers, for you to read about one of my pet peeves. I was meandering around Facebook today when a certain eco-friendly eco-education eco-resource page that I ‘like’ happened to post this picture with the caption: Communities protesting […]

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Two Homes

For some reason, people think it’s incredibly romantic when I tell them that my soul belongs to two countries.   It’s hard for people to understand that I don’t belong in terms of nationality, either. In terms of nationality, I […]

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Top Gear’s India Special

I admit it: I adore Top Gear. I’ve always loved cars (I’m convinced that this is genetic, and that I inherited it from my grandfather and my mother), and the combination that is James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond […]

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Sex and the Indian Woman

Does anyone remember Lakshmi Pandit? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. Her story was small and insignificant in the face of other stories, but it changed her life. Lakshmi was a beautiful and ambitious young woman who competed in […]

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