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The Sunshine Pill

I have a vitamin D deficiency, apparently. I have to take this supplement for an unspecified while, to build my body’s supplies up. I call it the sunshine pill. Look at it; double-sided, pale on one side, as orange as […]

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The C Scare

Lymphoma? I don’t know. Nobody does yet. I’ve had some weird symptoms going on with me for a few months; swollen lymph nodes that leak (I know; it sounds gross) from time to time, constant exhaustion and lack of energy, […]

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Fattists Not Welcome

When my godson’s seven year old sister Anaina visited her best friend J a couple of days ago, she was expecting to just be a seven year old and hang out with her friend. She was looking forward to playing […]

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Your Body, Your Rules

What, another post, and so soon? Well, yes. I haven’t been blogging in a couple of weeks and I have some catching up to do. I read an interesting post by the friend of a friend about body hair. In […]

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