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Darling Wellington,

Mama misses you so much.   I’ve wanted to write this letter to you ever since you died so suddenly and unexpectedly on the fourteenth of August, but it’s been incredibly impossible to come to terms with your abrupt ending. […]

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Melancholia by Awanthi Vardaraj

  It is easy, when one is stupendously happy, to forget about the rest of the world, but from time to time the world has a tendency to intrude upon one’s happiness; a gentle but persistent reminder that there is […]

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Puppy Love

Three little puppies. Actually, I first noticed them because one of them wasn’t moving, although the other two were playing around her, frolicking about, and being generally joyful. I was in a small shop on the other side of the […]

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The Death of Sunshine

His name was Aditya. When I spoke to him, that’s the name I used. Aditya, the sun. He was my sunshine, for the few months that I knew him. He gave me hope for a future that I never thought […]

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