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The Fluid Nature of Friendship

I was wiser in my twenties than I give myself credit for. In an old blog, in another time, I remember writing, at the tender age of twenty-two, that some friendships had use-by dates. Sadly, I didn’t remember my own […]

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Dusk in Paris

I’m thinking of you today, Marie. I’m thinking of the way we walked arm in arm down the Champs-Élysées, two carefree girls who felt beautiful and invincible; I remember the wonderfully strong coffee in that little café you insisted we try, and […]

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Adventures in New Zealand

I have many wonderful memories of the decade I spent travelling around the world but my funniest memory of all time is possibly my camping adventure memory from the year I spent in New Zealand. All my close friends call […]

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It takes two

It takes two to tango. I recently had a phone call from an old friend (we shall call her X) who clearly had something on her mind. After the initial hellos and how-the-hell-are-yous she very quickly moved on to the […]

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