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The Librarian – Memories of a Lost Childhood

I sometimes wake up thinking that I have to go to school again, and it fills me with dread before I realise that I never have to go to school again; I never have to walk to that cold building […]

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Smarter Than You

I find it difficult to like people who flaunt their intellectual superiority. I don’t actually care that your IQ is off the charts. I don’t care that you’re a bona fide certified genius. I don’t care that you can reel facts off […]

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Fattists Not Welcome

When my godson’s seven year old sister Anaina visited her best friend J a couple of days ago, she was expecting to just be a seven year old and hang out with her friend. She was looking forward to playing […]

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Your Body, Your Rules

What, another post, and so soon? Well, yes. I haven’t been blogging in a couple of weeks and I have some catching up to do. I read an interesting post by the friend of a friend about body hair. In […]

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Sex and the Indian Woman

Does anyone remember Lakshmi Pandit? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. Her story was small and insignificant in the face of other stories, but it changed her life. Lakshmi was a beautiful and ambitious young woman who competed in […]

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