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Let’s Kill Cupid (Cupido Cruciator)

Cupido¬†Cruciator In that ‘blest Elysian ground’ which Virgil describes (where the saddened lovers are shaded by myrtle), the heroines are conducting their rites, each one with some sign of the death she died. They wander about in a dank forest […]

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A Valentine’s Day Greeting for my Ex-Boyfriends

As I’m single for Valentine’s Day this year, and as I possess a healthy disrespect for the holiday no matter what my current romantic status, I thought I’d do things a little differently and write a greeting for my ex-boyfriends. […]

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At some point unbeknownst to me this blog gained – and sped past – 500 site visits. It feels like an important enough milestone for me to make a post devoted entirely to it. 500 is a nice round number. […]

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Mirror, mirror

I was at the International Stores yesterday doing my weekly grocery haul. It was like every other grocery haul I’ve ever done, except that I was standing behind this woman waiting for her to move her cart (the aisles in […]

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Another day, another blog!

So, apparently I’m blogging again. My old blog died a natural and much-needed death caused by neglect, and I for one am quite happy to let it. I think old blogs are like inconvenient time capsules; you read them years […]

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