People are infinitely strange. For every nice person I meet I seem to end up accidentally running into or talking to quite a few that are not worthy of attention.

I have come to the conclusion that I am grateful for the law of averages because it evens things out. It means that I still have the nice interaction from time to time, therefore ensuring that I still end up conversing with – and reaching out – to people.

For all I like people, there are some I’ll gladly die without ever hearing from again. Some of those people I have made the mistake of loving in the past; others I have made the mistake of befriending, and yet others I have had the misfortune to accidentally cross their paths. I think this is true for all of us all over the world; it’s a common thread in our humanity. It’s a common connecting thread. It’s the punctuation in our human stories.

I wish more people would spend some time looking in the mirror; everything they accuse other people of being – every deception, every fault, and every wrong – they themselves are guilty of, or have been guilty of. I know this sounds naive, but I wish people would not judge someone else until they have truly walked a mile in their shoes, and until they truly understand that every story has two or more sides to it.

I think I will always like people; the first instinct for me will be to talk, to reach out, to try to understand. I am grateful; this means I am one of the people I actually like.