It feels like a lost cause to me at this moment because, once again, I’ve checked in to WordPress to find that my sight stats are peaking oddly and that a lot of people are looking at my blog. I feel brief excitement for a moment thinking that perhaps today _someone_ will see the post where I advocate sexual freedom for Indian women and speak about the importance of progress and the consequences of misogynistic double standards and perhaps, just perhaps, it will inspire them.

Then I look at the search terms and those tell a different story. It isn’t progress that has brought people to my blog from all over the world, but smut. Smut, sleaze, and sex. Nearly every search term wants to see Indian women naked, or witness a sexcapade with an Indian woman, or wants to know how to do the dirty with Indian women. In fact, everything I’m opposed to as a feminist as regards the exploitation of women is the reason that men (most likely) are finding their way to this blog from Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, USA, India…

The list is flippin’ endless, and it’s starting to flip me off.

I’m not sure I’m doing anything relevant or worthwhile here, and as if that isn’t enough, I’m frequently finding that a certain person who copied my post word for word, thereby helping to take it viral, but who copied it without my permission, is still spreading vile untruths about the reason he removed my post from his blog. You know what? I’m tired of this bullshit and I’m not staying silent any more, because clearly, that isn’t the way to deal with you. You don’t understand the language of silence because you’re unable to let things be. Let me be very clear about something. You didn’t write my post. Okay? I did. You copied it word for word without my permission, yes, but the only reason it’s gone from your blog is because I objected to the fact that you copied my work. It wouldn’t have killed you to ask me – and to give credit where credit is due. Sheesh, you’re old enough to be my grandfather, but you’re clearly lacking in maturity. Now stop pissing about and telling people that I had a problem with the fact that my post went viral – because I don’t. What I do have a problem with is you lying, constantly. If I find one more comment by you vilifying me, I’m linking to your blog and naming you.

See what I mean? That post has brought me nothing but headaches, over and over, and it’s still being a massive pain in the wrong spot. I’m thinking it’s time to hit delete.