I’m _exhausted_.

I don’t just mean that I’m tired; it’s not the sort of tired you feel at the end of the day when you’ve had full and busy and looked up at the clock and realised that it wasn’t even noon yet.

I’m _exhausted_. I’m worn out, on almost every level. I just feel completely depleted and I need a flippin’ holiday.

I need to do nothing, for several days, and be one face in a crowd of a thousand. Mostly, I need to not have my laptop with me; I need to be in a place where I can’t be contacted, and I need to forget for a few blessed days that I am daughter, girlfriend, best friend, baker, writer, whatever.

I’ve been baking on an almost continual basis; I had a milestone of sorts recently. 100 orders delivered to one hundred happy customers. That’s awesome, right? It’s amazing. I’m really chuffed about that.

I’ve been feverishly editing my last book so I can get it sent off. I’m hoping to get that finished and in the mail in the next fortnight.

I’ve been preparing for Christmas; I’m already getting pulled into preparations for festivities and I’ve already got dates that clash for parties. Ah, Christmas; I do love thee.

Diwali was alright; it was fun, but it was busy and rushed and I had a lot to do. It wasn’t overly social, which is something I’m quite glad about. It was mostly just family and close friends. Whoop-de-doo.

LCB isn’t going to work out for a bit (and I’m not sure when it will). It’s shelved for now; I’m focusing on more achievable things. It was a lovely dream while it lasted, but there are a lot of practical things getting in my way. I had a bit of a miserable wallow about it for a few days and then I got over it. It’s done; there’s no point moping.

There’s a lot of living to be done.