Is there anything better than thick cut chips from floury potatoes fried to a beautiful sunny gold and fried eggs with delicious yolk still warm and runny to dip your chips into? I mean, I know there are foodies and gourmands out there who will disagree with me, but think about it. When the chips are down (hur hur) and the day has been long and hard, when your mood is bleak at best and you need comforting, what do you turn to?

For me it’s either egg and chips or a stack of wholemeal bread toasted to a gorgeous brown with delicious yellow butter spread on it to melt, and a cup of tea. That’s my go-to food which is both comfortable and comforting, and I know when I’m eating it that I probably haven’t had the best of times, but then things just start to look a little less bleak. The darkness drifts awayย and the sun starts to shine, the cockles of my heart start to thaw, and everything just looks a little better on the other side of it.

What food comforts you?