So, apparently I’m blogging again.

My old blog died a natural and much-needed death caused by neglect, and I for one am quite happy to let it. I think old blogs are like inconvenient time capsules; you read them years later and think to yourself, ‘Oh my god, was I really that angry/silly/stupid/naive?’ And the answer to that question is, unfortunately, yes.

If you have no idea who the hell I am and if you’ve suddenly found yourself on this page, fear not. I’m about to give you the details. I’m in my mid-thirties, I have a cat, and I live in India. Supremely uninteresting, I know. But I’m also a writer working on a novel, trying to get published, coping with my boyfriend’s move to Russia, while we both figure out our futures (together or apart), and desperately want to move to England. What’s that you say? Still not gripping? Well, I’m sorry. This is my life and this is my story.

And this is my blog. Welcome.